5 Ways to Write an Attractive Resume

5 Ways to Write an Attractive Resume

Between so many competitions, making a difference is fundamental. Submitting a classic resume does not show all your skills, so we propose five ways to make your presentation in the company you want to work in the attention of human resources managers. Finding a job is never being an easy task, we know that. However, in times of crisis, when companies have less work and are more reluctant to hire new people, the task of finding work becomes even more complicated.

Resume on the web: There are two possibilities, the first is offered directly by websites that generate curricula in which, through a template, create your own resume, and a second, for those who master the subject, which consists of creating a personalized web page with the registration of your own domain on the internet, always more interesting when it comes to disseminating it.

 5 Ways to Write an Attractive Resume

Pay Attention to the Content: 

Giving a good shape to the resume, which is attractive at first glance, is important. It is clear. Later we will give you some recommendations about it. But really the fundamental thing is still the content, the data that you include and how the accounts.

Here Are Some Tips on How to Improve Your Resume:

(1) Good Photo:

You should take great care of the picture you put on the resume. Do not choose any. We recommend that you make a good photograph, professional, well – lit, where you can see your face, you’re looking straight ahead and leave with a kind gesture. It is convenient that there are no objects that cover you (sunglasses, scarves, hats …) and that can make your shadows. If possible, that is not a whole body image. Better if only the face appears. Of course, do not put a cropped photo where you appear as a party, with friends or in a bar etc. You must convey a serious and professional image. Do not forget.

(2) Personal Information:

Next, to the photo, the first data that you must put on the resume are your name, surnames, and email. We know that this point is quite evident but, believe me, there are still people who forget or write badly this basic information. While preparing the resume you have to clear that you have done this portion correctly.

(3) Title That Defines You as a Professional:

As a header phrase of your CV or just below your personal data you can put a title that defines you as a professional. With this, do not mean that you put “serious, responsible, good companion or organizational capacity”. It is not about writing adjectives about you.

(4) Brevity and conciseness:

For your resume to be attractive and easy to read, it is convenient for you to be brief and concise. Write short sentences if there is something you can count on with two words, do not use more.

(5) Final Information: Skills, Languages, Informatics:

Leave for the end the extra data related to skills, languages and technological knowledge. Putting them in the last place does not mean they are less important. Take care of your presentation. It’s a stone streak that these tips will definitely work, so, use them and make your resume attractive.


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